15 ‘Hobby-ish’ UK Student Clubs to Consider Joining

Whether if you are a freshman or senior at UK, there are always opportunities to join various student organizations on campus. Take a look at some “hobby-ish” clubs the University of Kentucky currently has to offer– competitive and non-competitive.

1.  Anime Club


“Social culture club exploring Japanese/Asian culture through anime, manga, and games”. Visit their Facebook page to learn more.

2. Book Club

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“To involve students in interesting and popular reads. Join us for monthly meetings and food.” Go here for more info.

3.  Bridgin Da Gapz Cru (BDG)


“UK’s official k-pop dance cover group.” Take a look at their Facebook page for club activities.

4. Crafty Cats


“The purpose of Crafty Cats is to teach members to craft (mainly yarn crafts) and improve their crafting skills while providing hand made items to disadvantaged and other individuals in Lexington and the greater community.” For more information, visit their Facebook page.

5. Creative Filming Club

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“This club promotes creativity, fun, and friendship by exploring a variety of filming styles. Common club activities include small group filming contests, recreating short stories through film, making movies/documentaries, and film watching nights. Members of this informal club may write screenplays, create sets, film, act, edit film, create background music, or bring new ideas. All are welcome!” For more information on how to join, go here.

6. Games Club

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“To Promote a Positive Gaming Community, To Help Members Explore a More Diverse Selection of Games, and To Promote Friendly Competition”. Want to play? Head here.

7. Dodgeball Team


“To compete at a Collegiate level and provide an enjoyable, stress relieving, games of Dodgeball.” Visit their Facebook page for pictures and more information.

8. Graphite Creative Writing Association (Graphite)


“The purpose of this organization will be to promote unity and provide a creative writing outlet for students on campus through fundraisers, meetings, and events. . Some activities may also promote group fellowship and outreach to the creative writing community of Lexington.” For more information on how to contribute, visit their Facebook page.

9. Guild of Gamers (GoG)


“The primary purpose of the Guild is the promotion of gaming as a social activity and the strengthening of the community as a whole. Its secondary purpose is to promote the hobby of tabletop gaming on UK campus.” Visit their Facebook page for more information.

10. Paintball Club (UK Paintball)


“We will gather a team to compete in tournament series such as the MXSL league, SEPS and eventually the National Collegiate Paintball Association. We will also offer coaching for students or players that want to learn the sport or would like to join our club. Our mission is to gather a team, a band of brothers that will compete, win, and most importantly, have fun.” Head to their Facebook page to find out more.

11. Paranormal Study Organization (PSO)

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“This organization is designed to further the understanding and acknowledgment of paranormal perspective through discussions based upon the specific topic for that week, as well as hands on research and investigation thus promoting proper technique and use of critical thinking and methods used in the professional field to solve non-traditional situations.” Visit their Facebook page for updates.

12. Pokemon Trainer Association (PTA)


“To bring students together under a common hobby, to make new friends, and to improve our training methods in trading card games and video games.” Go here to find out more about the club.

13. Student Hip-Hop Organization (SHHO)


“SHHO is known for its quality, independent spirit, and most importantly, authenticity. It has become an institution and creative platform for students and artists to gain experience and find opportunity in their individual passions. SHHO strives to promote higher learning through hip-hop.” Visit their website for more information.

14. Swing Dance Club (UK Swing Dance)


“To promote swing dancing on the University of Kentucky campus, in Lexington, and in the Central Kentucky area, and also to promote the psychological and physical benefits of social dancing and lifetime activities.” Go to their Facebook group page for the latest activities.

15. Ultimate-Frisbee Club


“To promote the enjoyment of activities involving the use of a Frisbee and compete at a high level with other universities.” Visit their website for more information on how to get involved.

NOTE: All are official student organizations currently listed on the University of Kentucky Student Involvement site, with original descriptions in quotes.


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