Top 10 Reasons To #ShareTheLex

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 11.28.42 AM

1.  Other people pay for your coffee with a Pay-It-Forward at Cup of
2.  You can win big at Keeneland.
3.  Big Things are coming to Rupp Arena with new renovations.
4.  You can see future NBA Stars at the local Qdoba.
5.  Frequent weather changes gives you Winter and Spring
in the same week.
6  We serve happiness in a green Ale8 bottle.
7.  We’ll put a UK Logo on just about anything.
8.  You can lose your “Ho-ginity” at Tolly-Ho!
9.  There are multiple local breweries to see.
10.  Abraham Lincoln watches over the city on Vine St.

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