Top Five Ways to Achieve a Great Spring Break


1. Don’t Bring More Than You Want To Spend:

Everyone has high hopes of having an inexpensive spring break. Don’t spend more than you have to! Allot yourself a set amount of cash and leave the rest at home. A few cocktails on the beach could cause you to think otherwise so why not avoid the mistake?

2. Leave Your Phone in The Beach Bag:

Sand and water do not constitute as a safe place for your cellphone. What would make a trip worse than a cracked screen or a sand lodged speaker?

3. Social Media:

Even more important is social media. There is a time and place for instagram pictures or exciting tweets. However, try to avoid posting anything you wouldn’t want to be reminded of after your trip. Everything seems appropriate at the time…but that isn’t always the case.

4. Sunscreen Sunscreen Sunscreen:

The typical trick of banning the sunscreen and “letting the slight burn sink into a tan” doesn’t work for everyone. Nothing could be worse than a scorching hot burn and swollen feet or eyelids… yes it happens. Use sunscreen! Go buy the spray protection if you hate the sticky lotion. Either way it will be worth it.

5. Stay Hydrated:

H2O is your best friend the week of spring break. It doesn’t matter if you are spending the day hiking a scenic trail or lounging on the ocean shore. Either way your body needs water. If alcohol is involved, definitely stay refreshed.


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