Student Spotlight: Comedian Taylor Carden

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Every college student is busy. We all participate in numerous extracurriculars all while maintaining impressive academic careers and- more often than not- even more impressive social lives. However, UK Broadcast Journalism Senior Taylor Carden may have us all beat as she not only stays busy with academics and other activities, but she is also currently pursuing a very competitive hobby: comedy.

22-year-old Taylor Carden is from Taylorsville, Kentucky and has participated in performing arts since the fifth grade. After doing stand-up comedy for the first time at summer camp when she was 16, she was hooked. From there her interest in comedy continued to grow as she performed at the Governors School for the Arts, Governors Scholars Program and then open mic nights.

Carden’s college comedic career has included performances at a variety of open mic nights and talent shows including the Singletary Center, the Cats Den, Comedy Off Broadway, Austin city saloon and Jerzees.

“Being a comedian is a lot of fun. I love to laugh, so if I can make others laugh, it’s all a great time,” Carden said. “I love the old standup of Ellen Degeneres, and current stuff of Demetri Martin and Louis C.K.”

While Carden has developed a passion for comedy and would like to continuing pursuing the art, it is not always an easy road participating in such a competitive hobby and business.

“I hope this goes somewhere… right now it’s a very, very fun and fulfilling hobby. I would love to take over for Ellen or Chelsea Handler or Jimmy Fallon, or at least write for one of their shows,” Carden said. “It’s hard being a woman in comedy, because at every open mic night, there are normally about 25 comedians, and 24 of them are men… And the 25th one is me.”

But Carden says she does not let obstacles, like gender, get in the way of what she loves to do and she has advice for women pursuing comedy.

“Don’t be afraid to use your gender to your advantage. Not, like, sleep with people because you can… but by letting your womanhood inspire your material. Make the audience laugh in a way that gels with who you are… Don’t think being woman is a handicap. It can be a challenge, sure. But it can also be a huge advantage. You’re already different, already memorable.”

Carden’s next appearance will be at Twisted Cork on Thursday, April 24th at 8 p.m.


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