UK Students Help Special Needs Adult Start Lawn Care Business


by Dan Pauley

With Summer around the corner and Lexington residence getting ready for lawn mowing season, some UK students are helping their friend start his own lawn care business.

Kevin Jones, 26, was born with a learning disability and was given up for adoption when he was four-years-old.

Upon completing an Associates degree in Fire Science from BCTC in 2012, Jones struggled to find consistent work to help meet the demand of his bills.

“Kevin never had anyone there for him to help him out with things,” said Austin Wofford, a friend of Jones. “He has mostly been on his own for the majority of his life.”

After hearing Jones’ story, Students from Christian Student Fellowship befriend Jones and helped him create his own lawn care business, Big Red Lawn Care, in order to help him become more financially stable.

“Big Red Lawn Care started out of a desire to help Kevin become more financially self reliant,” Sam Holmes, and agriculture economics senior and friend of Jones, says. “The business helps boost Kevin’s self esteem and gives him and opportunity to rise up that not many people get in his situation.”

Holmes assists Jones with helping him manage his budgets.

Ally Leaverton, a biology senior, works as Jones’ Secretary for the company by helping with promotion, responding to emails and phone calls and managing his schedule.

“Kevin is able to provide for himself and earn a living doing something that he is passionate about,” Leaverton says. “He is proud of himself and what he has accomplished.”

Through Big Red Lawn Care, Jones provides lawn services such as mowing, leaf raking and, during the winter, snow removal.

“{Kevin} loves what he does and he does a phenomenal job with each lawn he cares for,” Leaverton says. “He is passionate and dependable.”

“I would like to see Big Red become a large enough business that Kevin is able to hire assistant mowers and help get his story out there to all of Lexington,” Holmes says.

To learn more about Big Red Lawn Care, visit


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