Coach Cal on the Colbert Report


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UK Head Men’s Basketball Coach, John Calipari appeared on The Colbert Report to promote his new book, “Players First: Coaching from the Inside Out.”

During the interview on Thursday night’s taping, Stephen Colbert, who plays a sarcastic television host on the show, pointed out Calipari’s reputation of being a “One-and-Done” coach.

“I’ll interview him for one minute and go pro,” Colbert said heading interview with Calipari.

The soon-to-be Late Show host asked Calipari what does it me to be a “One-and-Done” player and “can it be cured with Viagra?”

“I don’t like the connotation ‘One-and-Done,’” Calipari says. “We say ‘Succeed and Proceed.’”

When Cobert asked if players should stay longer then one year in college before entering the NBA Draft, Calipari said that he things the rule should be at least two years.

“Here is another rhyme. ‘’two-and-Tootaloo,’” Colbert said, playing on Calipari’s reponse.

Calipari said that it is the player’s decision if they are ready to play in the NBA. If they have a genius and are able to use that genius then they should be able to use it to do special things, Calipari says.

Colbert then moved on and asked Coach Cal how he felt about the unionization of players and whether or not players should get paid.

“Unions aren’t necessary if you treat people with dignity and treat people fair,” Calipari says.

Colbert finished the interview promoting Calipari’s book by say that young people should read his book.


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