Five things you probably didn’t know about your iPhone

iPhone’s are cool. After reading this you’ll discover some things that will make you think you’re iPhone is even cooler.

It’s always good to discover a new feature on your iPhone, it not only enhances your experience but it could make your  life simpler. Here’s a list of five things you probably did not know about your iPhone.

1) Take photos with your Headphone or volume button: No more blurry, jittery photos when you’re out at the club and need to stop to take a selfie. You can use your Headphone/volume button on the side of the iPhone as a shutter while taking photos. Simply press the center of the headphone or the (+) on the side of the phone and the photo is taken.

2) HDR photos, enhance your photo quality: Want to make that photo of the sushi you’re about to post on Instagram look as good as possible? Enable your HDR feature. HDR is an acronym for High-dynamic range photos. When you enable this feature, after you take a photo, it takes two photos, matches the best qualities of both and produces a photo of exceptional quality in about 3 seconds. To enable this feature first go to the camera app, click options, and switch on HDR. Note, that HDR will automatically adjust lighting in order to give the best photo possible, and when you adjust your flash setting, HDR will shut off automatically.

3) Take a photo with double tap: If you are stuck on your home-screen and don’t want to miss the chance at taking a Twit-pic of the girl at the bar who’s about to throw up, simply double click your home button. After you do that you’ll notice a camera icon appears to the right of your Unlock slider, press it and photograph away.

4) Set up text shortcuts: Ever feel like you are constantly typing the same phrases whenever you’re texting someone on your iPhone? Go to the Settings menu, click General, then click Keyboard and locate shortcuts. After you locate this screen you can type in a shortcut, like BRB, and the apporopriate phrase will be displayed after typing the shortcut.

5) Tweet or Facebook with Siri: You can update your Twitter and Facebook accounts with Siri. What you will need to do first is set up sending your Tweets via text message. To do this send a text with the word START to your Twitter short code, Twitter will request your full name to sign up in response, Twitter will then send you a message back assigning you a username based on your full name. You’re set after that, send a text and it will post as a Tweet. After you set this up all you need to do is assign Twitter as a contact and just treat it like it was another contact, and tell Siri to send the text to Twitter and your Tweet about meeting C-List celebrity in random location will be broadcast to the world with the sound of your voice.

These are just a few cool things your iPhone can do that you might not have known about. Good to know your phone is smarter than you are.


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