1956 UK Capsule Uncovered, Reburied with 2014 Items

Select contents of new time capsule to be opened in 2064.

A 1956 time capsule was uncovered by a construction team member in late September 2013. The discovery was made during the demolishing of the Cooperstown residence halls. Unsure where exactly the box was buried, the worker speculated it came from under the foundation or within the walls of one of those buildings. Two yellow newspapers found inside the box suggest the capsule was buried at or around September 22, 1956. The identities of who buried it is unknown. The university holds no records concerning this capsule. On Monday, university officials buried a new capsule, a few items from 2014 were placed in a new time capsule in addition to the 1956 contents. “In 2064, the campus will be dramatically transformed by those whose foresight and fortitude envisioned a robust, residential research university for Kentucky and those we touch and teach across the world, “UK President Eli Capilouto said. “In profound ways we will remain the Commonwealth’s indispensable institution for the next 50 years and beyond.” Contents of the 1956 time capsule:

  • Lexington phonebook
  • Course catalogue
  • UK phonebook
  • An admissions piece (similar to today’s Viewbook)
  • Campus map
  • UK Bulletin
  • Class schedule
  • Student housing guide
  • The Louisville Courier-Journal: Sept. 22, 1956 issue
  • The Lexington Herald: Sept. 22, 1956 issue

“Time capsules provide future generations a glimpse into an earlier time and place,” said Deirdre Scaggs, associate dean of UK Libraries’ Special Collections. She added that the generation 50 years from now will be able to hold a piece of 2014 and reflect upon the past that was making changes for the future. The larger time capsule will be buried under the walkway separating Woodland Glen I and II, with instructions left on a ground-level plague to open it in 2064. Items that will be inside the 2014 time capsule:

  • All items found in the 1956 time capsule
  • April 28, 2014, copy of the Lexington Herald Leader
  • April 28, 2014, copy of the Kentucky Kernel
  • April 28, 2014, copy of the Courier Journal
  • Letter from SGA President Roshan Palli
  • Letter from President Eli Capilouto
  • K Book
  • Campus map
  • Viewbook
  • Current budget/financial statements
  • 2014 Final Four T-shirt
  • Current Master Plan
  • Banners photo
  • DanceBlue item
  • Student Center 75th Anniversary item

Pictured at the top are select items in the new capsule to be reburied, containing items from both 1956 and 2014.



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