Ten Shows To Binge Watch During Dead Week and Finals Week

This list is for both males and females… so grab your laptop or tablet and choose the one that sounds like it will be most helpful in your procrastination efforts!

game of thrones

1. Game of Thrones- While the whole Kingdoms and Dragons thing may sound weird, I promise it is anything but! Once you start this show you will not be able to stop, and it will take you into a nice little fantasy world to get finals off your mind!

2. Breaking Bad- If you are one of the few people who did not watch this show while it was on TV, I would highly suggest starting it now. It will most likely make you feel better about your life… and the series is over so you can watch it and be done!

3. LOST- This is an oldie, but goodie. Some call it best show that’s ever been on TV… but the finale may ruin that idea for some. Regardless of the confusing finale that did not please many viewers…the show is really great and it will make you think twice about where that missing Malaysia Airlines flight really is.

4. Scandal- This show is so hot right now and as soon as you start watching you will understand why. This fast-paced, drama-filled show will make you wonder how messed up our political system really is… and the main character is based on a real life ‘crisis manager’ who lives in DC- woah!

5. Revenge- similar to Scandal in its fast-paced nature. Lots of glamour, lots of people die and everyone is good looking!

6. Homeland- this show is intense and hard to not watch all in one sitting! It will make you think, and it will also probably make you want to join the CIA. With only 3 seasons of 12 episodes each, you will have no problem catching up before the 4th season this fall!

7. Grey’s Anatomy- While many people have watched this show at one point or another, it is indeed still on TV and it is just as good as ever. Watch some of the craziest medical scenarios (all based on true stories) unfold on screen…and appreciate your major that will most likely lead you to a career that does not deal with life or death decisions every single day.

8. Modern Family- A quick one just for some laughs! This is by far one of the best comedies on TV and you will fall in love with every single character. Phil’s-Osophy will also change the way you look at life.

9. The Mindy Project- This is a newer comedy only in its third season on Fox, but Mindy Kaling is hilarious and you will definitely be able to relate to most of the problems she gets herself into… even if it’s just mutual issue of not being able to stop yourself from drunk-eating pizza every weekend.

10. How I Met Your Mother- Debatably one of the best sitcoms that has ever been on TV… the series ended last month after 9 seasons. The finale was highly controversial… so watch for yourself and don’t look up the spoilers!!


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