20 Creative Graduation Caps



For some students, a graduation cap is just a piece of cardboard covered in silk. For others, it’s a piece of art waiting to happen. These 20 graduation caps certainly make a bold statement, and the students who wear them must have put a lot of creativity into the message they wanted their mortarboard to send. Feel free to let these caps inspire your own cap’s appearance for UK’s upcoming commencement ceremony!


pong cap survivingcollege.com

This guy must have been seriously proud of his beer pong abilities. Do colleges offer degrees in athleticism under the influence?


van gough cap pinterest

Van Gough himself would have been proud to wear this cap.


cap peter pan dumpaday.com

For the nostalgic Disney geek. Let your inner child out, grad!


hire me cap mojo.dailybruin.com


Straight to the point . . . May the job market be ever in your favor.


challenge cap mashable.com

An internet meme-inspired cap. Chances are, this grad only made this cap so he could post it on iFunny later.


thanks mom cap graduationcap.org

A little honest gratitude goes a long way.


cylinder cap heavy.com

Possibly the nerdiest grad cap in existence, but it’s just so darn adorable.


cap dath vader mashable.com

“Luke, I am your  . . . mortarboard.”


cap bs dumpaday.com


Does B.S. stand for Bachelor of Science or . . .?


harry potter cap pinterest

There’s always at least one Potter Geek in a crowd of college students.


teach cap pinterest

Clever play on an old comic book favorite.


up grad cap pinterest


Another Disney reference, this time referring to the Pixar movie, Up. The real world is certainly a new adventure!


monogram cap pinterest


Ah, the classic Lilly Pulitzer print cap with a monogram. I could bet $100 this cap was made by a sorority girl.


cap degree pinterest

Rap lyrics are always a great springboard for an imaginative play on words.



pattern cap pinterestt


Just a pretty mashup of colors and patterns. Easy to do, and pretty effective for standing out in a crowd.



Cap mean girls


How appropriate is this cap for the 10-year anniversary of the movie Mean Girls?


cap game of loans pinterest




cap glitter pinterest


Maximum sparkle for the glitzy grads among us.


cap whimsical pintrest


Disney seems to be the trend here . . . check out this gorgeous Tangled landscape.


rapunzel cap


I admit, I’m a huge Disney geek. This one’s actually mine.

Happy Commencement, Kentucky!





Photo credits: Pinterest, Mashable.com



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