Greener Campus Coming Soon


UK has announced they will plant 430 new trees over the next year around UK’s campus. Around 50% of the trees will be placed in key parts of UK’s campus. The other half will be planted close to Alumni Drive, as these trees will be part of a federal flood management project, according to a UK news release.

130 of the trees will be planted during this spring. While the another 80-100 in the fall in 16 key areas throughout the campus, according to UK’ news release. The committie is looking for open spaces to fill.

Some of the trees that will be planted include: honey locusts, elms, white oaks and others. The university has invested a lot of money and time into this project. “To create a healty and sustainable campus environment,” forestry student Hannah Angel said.

Planting teams will take into consideration the buildings and plants when seeding the trees. George Riddle, manager of the Physical Plant’s grounds department and his team will be one of the groups helping plant trees.

Riddle says, the building should speak for themselves and the trees should complement them.


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