Lexington Food Bucket List

This one’s for the seniors. If you haven’t made a list of food places to enjoy before you graduate- you’re doing it wrong.


1. Tin Roof- Get a quesadilla..and a few drinks.. and then you can just hang there all night!

2. Pazzo’s- Try to go there on pint night…but really any night will do.

3. Malone’s AND Drake’s- Yes they have the same (great) menu at both…but I would suggest visiting them separately so you can enjoy the different ambiance that each has.

4. Joe Bologna’s- Dollar GIANT breadsticks. That is all.

5. Local taco- Good mexican food that isn’t too expensive and you order at the counter so you will get your delicious queso or guac pretty quick. The margs are pretty great also.

6. Great Bagel- Every town has it’s bagel place… make sure you make one last stop at ours before you leave.

7. Hugh Jass- Everyone needs to devour one last Hugh Jass Burger (or hugh jass nachos.. or hot dog.. or fries..) before graduation. Don’t forget the marshmellow sauce!

8. Mellow Mushroom- The only chain restaurant that I have included in this list. But it is a chain best known to college towns and will be enjoyed more in your favorite college town than anywhere else in the country.

9. Mad Mush- Order/eat while drunk. I would not suggest ordering it for delivery to a place that you might not be at at the time of delivery… they will probably black list you and refuse to answer your phone calls ever again (don’t ask me how I know this)… but then again it wouldn’t really matter since you’re probably leaving town soon anyways.

10. Red Bang Bang- Also order/eat while drunk… however I think this could also be enjoyed sober for the simple fact that it is SO cheap… every scoop you get costs $1… and as we all search for any job we can get, a cheap meal is right up our alley.


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