SGA helps students relax with Cram Jam 2014

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 11.17.51 AM

UK student will have a chance to unwind before they spend their late nights at studying William T. Young Library with the fourth annual Cram Jam event.

Cram Jam is hosted by The UK Student Government Association as a way to help students relax before finals week.

“The event help have fun before they buckle down for finals,” Clayton Bailey, Chief of Staff for SGA said. “ It free for students and a lot of fun!”

SGA will also be giving out free food, t-shirts and prizes for students who come to the event.

“We enjoy giving out free stuff and letting the student have a good time,” Bailey said. “This year we are also going to be having Puppies for people to come pet.”

The Cram Jam event will take place Thursday night, 5 PM to 8PM, at Memorial Hall.

For more information, see SGA’s facebook page,


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