Stress Management Tips


  1. Social Media Binge– First and foremost, one must get their social media craving out of the way. We all know that studying for finals is much more difficult when there are distractions. If you are up to date on Instagram and Twitter then that means more focus on those tests.
  2. Get Organized– Having a clutter free desk is the key to a stress free study session. The less time you spend worrying about a mess means more time for reading and writing. Having a clean working space also saves you cleaning time later.
  3. Sleep– College students have a reputation for never sleeping. Pulling an all nighter might work for some. However, sleep is vital to our bodies and will reduce stress.
  4. Eat Good Food– Fast food most likely will not be your friend during finals week. Eat food that will give you energy! Try fruits, vegetables and nuts. Natural energy will benefit your body more and keep you feeling fresh.
  5. Don’t Focus on Negativity– We all have piles of papers to write and notecards to read through. It is time consuming. However, focusing on that will only stress you out more. Get started, keep going and do not over analyze!
  6. Funny Videos– Last but not least, take a 10 minute break between studying to watch a funny video. Nothing is better than some comic relief.

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