Racism in America: Donald Sterling crucifixion

Most of America has undoubtedly heard about the racist comments made by Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling by now.

In a conversation with his then girlfriend, who is a mixed woman (black and Mexican,) Sterling told her not to bring blacks to any of his teams games. If you listened to the entire audio it sounded like a conversation had between slave master and overseer over a meal in a plantation home in the 1800’s.

Sterling has outraged the mobs and they now seek to drag his body through the town streets toward the guillotine or the gallows, either way, they want his head on a stick. You can hear the collective screams of moral outrage louder than the wailing of all the damned souls in hell.

It makes you wonder: why are they surprised?

Who would’ve thought that racism still existed in America? Who would’ve thought that a rich white man would be a racist?  Does it take a gold-digging-girlfriend planting a wire to awaken our social conscience?

This is not the first time that ignorance has come off of Sterling’s lips. In 2006, he was sued by the U.S. Justice Department for Housing Discrimination, allegedly, he said, “Black tenants smell and attract vermin.”

In 2009, he reportedly paid over $2 million in suits for discriminating against blacks and Hispanics in his rentals. In that same year, he was sued by a Clippers executive for employment discrimination based on race and age.

Why were the lynch mobs not set to strangle Sterling after these events? It has been public record for years that the man was a racist, and now this audio conversation is the smoking gun that penetrated the ignorant lips of Sterling and blasted away his public image in a social suicide.

What does this say about America today?

Sterling is the evil here, but there is a greater evil: racism. What if Sterling was black? What if he was a black man who was making these comments about whites, would the same outrage be felt? What if he was a Hispanic man who was making these comments about blacks, would the same outrage be felt?

Racism is racism. Do not be naive to think that only whites are racist towards blacks. This problem of racism has existed since anyone in the country was alive. It is something we have to deal with collectively and will by no means be a quick fix.



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