Ten Tips to Surviving Finals Week

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It’s that special time of the semester again where you feel that your world is going to come to an end.  You spend sleepless nights at the library, binge on Starbucks coffee and pizza and crunch numbers to see what the minimum points you can get to pass the class is.  It is Finals Week again at UK! Here is a list of ten tips to help you survive UK Finals Week Spring Semester 2014.

1. Get plenty of sleep the night before an exam

Sleep is good for you. It won’t help you on the exam, if you pass out from exhaustion in the middle of it.

2. Eat healthier food then you usually would

Fruit and Protein bars are your best friends this week. Eating more fruits and things with protein in them will help give you energy and better concentration for that dreaded 8AM final. Avoid Tolly-Ho!

3. Make a game plan

Work on creating a study schedule that you can stick to, in order to avoid cram the night (or hour) before the exam.

4. Create a study group with peers

Chance are, you’re not the only one freaking out that you have an exam that you’re not ready for. Talk to other classmates to see how they are feeling for the exam. See if a few of you can get together to study the material.

5. Don’t pay attention to social media

You may see some of your friends on Facebook getting ready for graduation or even see other friends from other colleges who have gotten out for the summer. Don’t let that be a distraction for you. Keep focus on the task at hand. Take a social media fast if needed.

6. Make sure to take study breaks

It is shown that people that take study breaks retain information better. It also gives the brain some time to be relaxed after long periods of time being focused.

7. Make sure not to over commit

There can be a lot going on during finals week in a student’s life (especially if you are graduating) make sure no to over book yourself with different commitments to parties and friends. Make sure you a making time to study. There is plenty of time for parties after finals week!

8. Study somewhere outside of Willy T.

Anyone on UK’s campus knows how crazy finals week at Willy T. can be and the prison that it can feel like. After you get your free “Crunch Bunch” T-Shirt, be sure to spend some time studying outside of the walls of Young Library. It will help keep you sane I promise!

9. Reward yourself after finishing an exam

After we finish one exam, we have the determination to dive back into studying for the next exam. This can cause some serious stress. Don’t go right back into studying just yet. Award yourself for accomplishing your first exam! It can help you be more relaxed before going back to studying for the next one. Now you can go to Tolly-Ho!

10. Come to peace with whatever outcome you get

At the end of the week, all of your exams will be over. It will not be the end of your world, even though it feels like it now. Be at peace with whatever outcomes you get. If you feel you could have done better, talk to your professor and see what you can do. But someday UK Spring Finals 2014 will not seem like a big thing in the great scheme of your life.


Good Luck to everyone on their finals this week and May the curves be ever in your favor!


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