UK Commencement 2014: What to Expect



Graduation is merely days away, and while the graduates are preparing to wrap up final exams, Blue Coast Live is here to help prepare attendees for the graduation event itself.

For most graduates, this is their first time graduating from the University of Kentucky, so like anything tried for the first time, there is bound to be some confusion. Here are the basic things you need to know if you plan to attend, or participate in, UK Commencement 2014:


-Commencement is this Saturday, May 10th. There are three ceremonies:

-9: 00 AM β€” Graduate and Professional Ceremony

-1:00 PM β€” Undergraduate Ceremony: Colleges of Agriculture, Food & Environment, Gatton (Business & Economics), Education, Engineering, and Nursing

-6:00 PM – Undergraduate Ceremony: Colleges of Arts & Sciences, Communication & Information, Design, Fine Arts, Health Sciences, and Social Work


-Commencement takes place at Rupp Arena, which is located at 430 W Vine St, Lexington, KY 40507 (for you out-of-towners).


-There are over 10,000 parking spots available for commencement guest at Rupp arena and at surrounding areas. Although the parking at the Lexington Center/Rupp Arena is free of charge, parking is a first-come, first-serve basis. So guests may need to prepare to pay for parking if they cannot park in the allotted parking lot.


-Students who are graduating need to check in with their college at Rupp Arena in the hour before their scheduled commencement ceremony.


-Signs, banners, posters, etc. are not allowed at UK Commencement. So although your parents toiled on that neon pink poster all week, diligently spelling out your name in bedazzled letters . . . We regret to inform you that they will have to leave it at home.


-The official twitter hashtag of UK Commencement is #UKGrad.


For more information, or more detailed explanations of specific concerns or questions, the FAQ page for UK Commencement is available at



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