The Liquor Store Revolution: Country Boy on tap at Big Daddy Liquor

Country Boy Cougar Bait brewBY Travis Rains
Lexington, Ky.-Draft beers set to greet customers of Big Daddy Liquor at the door

On the corner of Euclid Avenue and Woodland Avenue, one liquor store owner has decided to revolutionize the liquor business by bringing a quality beer-drinking experience to his customers. Owner of Big Daddy Liquor Shirish Patel is in the process of installing a draft beer system for his customers that have the hots for hops.

With a large selection of bottled and canned beer already on the shelves and in the refrigerators, Patel’s response to my question of what inspired him to install the draft beers was that of a business owner who caters to his customer and the community. Patel explained that for a business in a college community to flourish, those who run it must understand and interact with the community’s needs. In the case of beer, Patel believes that his customers need the best variety of quality beer possible.

“Quality beer for a quality price” is what Patel said when asked his goal for the project that is currently underway and will be completed some time in the next couple weeks. According to Patel the project has gone smoothly from the start and the entire process will have been well worth it in the end, with customers having access to a number of unique beers that they didn’t have before. As of now the draft beers on tap at B.D.L. will consist of two Country Boy beers, Cougar Bait and Shotgun Wedding, along with Sierra Nevada Hoptimum Imperial IPA. When asked about the price per glass, Patel kept in step with his community attitude, saying that “Our goal is to have the best price in town.”

Dedication to the customer on this level is precisely what keeps customers, like Mitchell Weinstock, returning to the store. A frequent customer of B.D.L., Weinstock believes that the arrival of draft beer to the store will bring in more customers, including students who want to expand their beer palate to include more than just Bud Light and Budweiser. The reality that a quick stop at the conveniently located B.D.L. can quench a customers thirst for cold, quality beer is another pro of the installation according to Weinstock, “It will be nice to be able to get a quick draft beer without having to go sit down at a restaurant.”

Patel attributes his success in business to the focus that is put on catering to the community and the customer, a philosophy that is being fulfilled with the revolutionary idea to give beer connoisseurs unique beers at a uniquely cheap price. Patel’s reasoning for his devotion to the customer is made obvious by his slogan, “A friendly environment and a friendly price.”



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