Lilly Pulitzer to continue its promotional campaigns throughout the summer

By: Paige Rusher Lilly Pulitzer

LEXINGTON, Ky.- Lilly Pulitzer is inviting fans to jump into summer. Women across the nation are using #summerinlilly and sending their pictures to Lilly Pulitzer for a chance to win prizes and other opportunities.

That’s just what they did across college campuses at the beginning of September 2013 as part of a promotional campaign to determine which campus loved Lilly most. Will Lexington’s ladies prove their love once again?

The University of Kentucky won that first promotional “Path to the Pink Palace” campaign. That March Madness bracket-style competition determined what college loved Lilly the most, and was used to recruit women to work as interns. When organizing the visit at UK, Caroline Wright, the social media director, had the students use hashtags to spread the word quickly about the events.

“The hashtags we used were #lillyloveskentucky and #lillydreamjob so that students could spread the word on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter,” said Wright. After a busy two-day campaign stop in Lexington, Kentucky, in February, the Lilly Pulitzer Dream Team continues their promotional campaigns throughout the summer with a jam-packed schedule.

The team will start the summer campaign at the U.S. Open in Pinehurst, the release of the 2014-2015 agendas, a tour of the northeast beaches of the United States in June and finally a kick-off for the first official day of summer on June 22. These campaigns will consist of some of the same things that happened right here on the University’s campus in February, including promotions at local Lilly Pulitzer stores. Hashtags are also used this summer.

All the information on summer events will be posted on Lilly’s blog, “The Juice Stand,” on June 8. More information will be posted in September that is college specific. Wright and her team are hoping for as successful turnout throughout the summer as they had on the University’s campus.

More than 1,000 students participated in the events held on UK’s campus and at the local Lilly Pulitzer store, Peppermint Palm. Allie Burden, a member of UK’s Merchandise Apparel and Textile club was responsible for setting up the Dream Team’s Presentation and running the store’s event. “This was a great opportunity to receive information about the fashion industry that I am so passionate about. Meeting the Dream Team was an important step in building relationships for any future opportunities I might have,” said Burden.


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