Election Day Voting: Everything you need to know

Election day is upon us and many Kentucky voters may still have some important questions. But luckily, several online resources exist to find out all the voting information voters need to know for a successful Election Day.

The first step toward Election Day participation is registering to vote. Lexington voters can visit FayetteCountyClerk.com and follow the steps under the “Register to Vote” tab.

After registration, voters need to find their voting location and other helpful information. “Rock the Vote” is a great resource for voters all over the country.

On the homepage of RocktheVote.com, registered voters can enter his or her current address, and the site will direct them to the nearest voting location. This page also tells voters who’s on the ballot for each category and which party they each represent.

By selecting the “Get Informed” tab, voters will be directed to an interactive map. After selecting your state, voters will have access to all the previously stated information as well as identification requirements.

In Kentucky, it is recommended to bring a photo ID to cast a ballot. This ID may be requested of the voter, but the voter is not required to present it. In this case, the voter will sign an oath about his or her qualifications, be identified by a personal acquaintance, or present a driver’s license, Social Security card or credit card.

Voters who have moved to a different county within Kentucky must either register in the new county or vote via absentee ballot. These ballots are reserved for voters who are employed or in school in a different county during all hours the polls are open, those residing out of state, those with disabilities, those with advanced age, etc.

Voters who fulfill one of the requirements can obtain a mail-in absentee ballot from their county clerk’s office in person, by phone, by mail or by fax.

For more information about voting in Fayette County, visit http://www.fayettecountyclerk.com. Information about voting in all other states and counties can be found at http://www.rockthevote.com


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