Hozier Will Save Our Souls

If you’re looking for a long-hair, indie, blues rocker, then I have the perfect man for you.

His name is Andrew Hozier-Bryne, better known as simply Hozier and he hails from Bray, County Wicklow, in Ireland.

Wait ladies, it gets better! He’s actually really, really talented.

Hozier first got big in 2013 with his EP Take Me to Church, with the title track catching some serious publicity. The single went viral on YouTube, reached #1 on the Irish iTunes singles, and #2 in the official chart in October, alone. Most recently, the single was nominated for ‘Best Song With a Message’ for the European Music Awards.

He also was praised and criticized for the music video, which features the tumultuous relationship between two men in Russia.

Since his initial success, Hozier has released his debut LP, Hozier, and it is life changing. (And I promise that my crush is not blinding my eyes or filling my ears. Really, this guy is good.)

His voice has so much blues and soul that it’s almost unbelievable. Watching his live performance, the man seems like the emotions come so easy. His performances are effortless, he’s THAT talented. Really, watch.

His brooding appeal seems to reach such a depth that is all the more enticing. The really amazing thing…he’s 24. That’s it.

I encourage everyone under the sun to listen to Hozier. Although the sun may seem a little darker and misty, thanks to his old soul. The guy mentions Jackie Wilson, for goodness sake. Not many 24 year olds know who “Mr. Excitement” was.

My personal favorites are the already mentioned “Cherry Wine,” but also “From Eden,” and the more upbeat “Someone New.” Also, if you want to feel all of the feels, try “Like Real People Do.” That one is going to make you want to hug your significant other and slow dance around a dimly lit room. (Once again, NOT my massive crush talking.)



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