“Brood”-ing Sounds

If family ties and thick electronic sounds are your thing, then I have the band for you!

Broods is a brother-sister duo that hails from New Zealand. The siblings, Caleb and Georgia, are 21 and 19 and they’ve got enough talent to oust those twice their age.

Broods formed in early 2013, when the duo collaborated with accomplished producer Joel Little. (Little has worked with fellow New Zealander Lorde.)

Their tunes have been featured in MTV’s Catfish and they have been nominated for Breakthrough Artist of the Year, Single of the Year, and the APRA Silver Scroll Award for their premier single.

Their first single “Bridges” was released online in October 2013. This single embodies their sound. If you’re not going to listen to their entire album “Evergreen,” then give this a shot. The synth-pop beat gives me so much life; it’s impossible to stay still during it.

If you like what you heard from “Bridges,” then move on to the song “Mother & Father,” which also keeps that groovy, heavy beat. Finally, top off you listening experience with “L.A.F.”

Get ready to get some serious groove on.



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