How to Beat Weight Gain this Holiday Season


By: Caroline Morrow

I can see it now…the family gathering, the enormous feast… and the blinking red numbers when I step on the scale after the holidays are over. Let’s admit it the holiday’s aren’t great for our physique, but what if I told you there’s a way you can beat the holiday pounds and you don’t even have to skip a meal. You might not believe me, however if you get an early start on your new workout plan you’ll be living care free. Now you’re probably thinking “what new workout plan?” A new fitness trend that burns calories and constantly switches things up are classes that involve treadmills, weights and kickboxing. These classes can’t be found everywhere, lucky for us here in Lexington there is a gym that has all the equipment and instruction that we need.

Bodyfit Punch is located near the University of Kentucky’s campus. They offer Tread and Shred, Kettle Combat, Burn and Punch classes. Each class has a special way of kicking your butt into shape. These classes are designed not only to lose weight but to build muscle. There is nothing quite like feeling healthier and stronger. So if you start these classes you’ll notice a difference and you won’t feel so guilty about what you’re eating over the Holiday’s. Your first week at the gym is free so if you don’t feel like your getting anything out of it you’re not obligated to continue going. I’m almost positive you’ll love this new health trend!


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