Milk and Cookies Delivered to Your Dorm!

Attention all Late Night Food Connoisseurs you can now get cookies delivered to your dorm.  Great news to all with a sweet tooth.

Insomnia Cookies is open in Lexington.  The mobile bakery is usually parked near Kennedy Bookstore on South Limestone.  According to an interview from the Herald Leader, Insomnia Cookies’ Lexington General Manager, Mike Bickers says that the baking truck will bring fresh, warm cookies to UK’s Willy T library during exams.

The late night mobile bakery is open for pickup every day at 11 a.m. to 3 a.m.

There are eight different kinds of cookies to choose and a brownie.

No worries it’s not only for students to enjoy .  The company will also deliver to homes within New Circle if the minimum order is $6.00.

To place an order call 1-877-63-COOKIE or

Stay warm cookies this weekend #insomniacookies

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