Top 7 Traditions at UK

1. Wearing Blue on Fridays- Freshmen must get on board. Everyone wears blue on Fridays. Game days are usually on Saturdays. Well, wear blue every day of the weekend.

2. Rubbing the statue’s foot in front of POT before finals- Do you want some good luck? Go rub the statue’s foot. It will bring you good luck. It has been proven.

3. Take a picture with Bowman- We have seen thousands of freshmen riding the Bowman statue. Be sure to take a picture in front of the statue before you graduate.

4. Dress up for Football Games- Guys be sure to wear khakis and some form of blue shirt. Ladies, I’m sure you’ll bring out your blue dresses and cowboy boots.

5. Scratch Does Pushups for Touchdowns- Be sure to countdown when Scratch does pushups for every touchdown..

6. Swoosh- When the basketball team makes a basket, be sure to say swoosh and proceed with the proper hand movement.

7. Sing my Old Kentucky Home- enough said…


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