NBC “State of Affairs” Premiere

A new NBC show is set to take the 10 p.m. spot on Monday nights.  Katherine Heigl stars in “State of Affairs”.  From the same director of the “Blacklist”, Joe Carnahan brings  this series to the screen focusing on Charleston Tucker (Heigl), CIA analyst who prepares the president’s daily briefing (PDB).  Heigl’s character develops as she copes with the loss of a fiance through a Kabul terrorist attack and risky behaviors.   She is faced with a decision to save a U.S. doctor taken hostage or catch the villain behind the terrorist attack.  Throughout the show, Tucker receives mysterious texts relating to the truth of what really happened in Afghanistan.

Alfre Woodard also stars in the series as President Payton.

“State of Affairs” comes on tonight at 10 p.m. right after “The Voice”.

Sneak Peek:


Photo credit: http://seriable.com/state-affairs-1-01-pilot-official-plot-guide/


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