Adrian Peterson Suspended Without Pay

Adrian Peterson has been suspended for the remainder of the season-without pay. The running back will not be  considered fro reinstatement until at least April 15th,2015.

Peterson was indicted on a felony charge in Houston, TX for child abuse in early September. The charges state that he used a switch to discipline his 4 year old son, leaving large bruises and lashes on his son.


Peterson turned himself in to Houston authorities shortly after he was charged. Peterson is one of the best running backs in the NFL…he  currently holds several NFL records:

  • Most yards rushing in a single game (296)
  • 2nd all-time rushing yards in a single season (2,097)
  • Most rushing yards in any eight-game period (1,322)
  • Most 60+ yard TD runs in a career (12)
  • Most 200-yard rushing games for a rookie (2)
  • Most yards rushing in the first eight games (1,036)
  • Most 50+ yard runs in a single season (7)
  • Most games, 150 or more yards rushing, season (7) (tied with Earl Campbell, 1980)
  • Most rushing yards in a calendar month (861) in December 2012

Peterson’s other son died in the summer of 2013, after he was abused by the mothers boyfriend.


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