Snapchat introduces Snapcash

Snapchat, a photo-sending app that lets people communicate through pictures, has now introduced a new side of the application. On November 17th, they released”Snapcash”. Snapcash will be a new way of virtually paying someone, through the chat side of Snapchat.

Snapchat is pairing up with the company Square Cash to be able to use the payment system. You must enter your debit card credit information before sending money. Teamsnapchat sent out the video yesterday showing what to do and how to swipe left and pay. Just by typing in the chat box with $ and then the amount (ex. $20)  and the button will turn green to make it a payment and then send!

Snapcash will only be available for now to Snapchatters who are 18 and older and who have a debit card. Square will also keep your information securely.

Here is the video that Snapchat has sent out to give you an idea of what the future of Snapchat holds.


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