Average Barbie Takes Over

The slim waist, long blonde hair and small feet all resemble the classic Barbie doll that society has come to know and almost try and look like.  But, there’s a new doll in town and she’s taking over on the looks.

A new “average sized” doll is hitting the market, and just in time for the holidays. The doll is replicated to look like the average 19- year-old girl body. Artist Nickolay Lamm created this doll and it is available online at lammily.com for $25. The doll even has acne, cellulite and stretch marks stickers you could buy to put on the doll to make flaws look flawless.

Photo Credit to Nickolay Lamm/ news.com
Photo Credit to Nickolay Lamm/ news.com

Lamm also released a video of second graders playing with the video. Some of their responses are encouraging to see that at such a young age, they can see real beauty.

Back in May 2013, Lamm Photoshopped some pictures of Barbie and other dolls with fresh faces.  He wanted to show that dolls- and women in general- don’t need make up to feel beautiful.


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