2014: The Year of the Man Bun

As the year winds down, we should all reflect on the most influential social movement of the year: The Man Bun.

Everyone’s doing it! From classic beauty Brad Pitt to the Man Bun that “broke the Internet,” Jared Leto, this new hair style has women everywhere (including me) amazed.

In my hunt for the perfect background, I had to do some research. The Internet did actually break due to the Man Bun. Buzzfeed has released their “Definitive Ranking of Celebrity Man Buns,” and, as expected, Jared Leto reigned supreme.

Although I beg to differ on the King of all buns…

Tumblr has also gotten into into the action, with their fair share of blogs dedicated to the phenomenon.

So the question is: Why? Why has the Man Bun become such a social trend?

We could just say that it is a fashion trend. Celebrities did it, guys is cool looking pictures did it. But maybe it’s also some sort of social stand that men are taking. They can rock long hair and it can be cool. Women aren’t the only one who can have long hair and put it into stylish buns!

Either way, I’m all for them! They’re allowing men to show off their unkempt look with a chic fashionable flare.

Bow down to the Bun.



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