Ugly Christmas Sweaters Take Over

It’s become a tradition of finding the  best Christmas tree or the perfect gift for that special someone. But, recently finding the best “ugly” Christmas sweater is a fun purchase to look forward to.  Now, what is an ugly Christmas sweater? It seems to be just a normal sweater , but it has some ornaments dangling off or a cat in a Santa Claus hat. They are fun to look at and also to go out and search for! Especially when the Christmas party is not a black tie affair, dress up in a fun sweater to show off to your friends!

Goodwill is always a good place to start. There could be actual sweatshirts with prints on them, or a button up sweater just like Grandpa would wear. Also, a nice turtleneck would be nice to have to keep you extra toasty underneath the sweater.

Nordstrom clothing store has a kit that you can actually buy for $30 . It comes with the actual sweater itself and includes things such as pipe cleaners, felt,pom poms and more.

Online stores could also help in your searching for that perfect or interesting sweater. Some may have a gingerbread recipe on it while others will just go with the classic Christmas tree decor. Websites such as or even are easy to view and browse to find the right sweater.

Regardless if you want to find the most obnoxious sweater out there, or just one to wear for a family picture there is one that will fit just right!



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