A Girly-Girl’s Guide to GameDay Glory

If you’re anything like me, college football isn’t exactly your forte. You might even be as excited for this weekend’s playoffs as you are about your next dentist appointment. But who wants to miss out on the fun festivities of college football’s biggest weekend?

Here’s some tips to survive the college football championships in the best way possible for those of us who are rooting for the tailgates more than the teams:

1. Plan a viewing party

What better way to celebrate football than with friends, a flatscreen television and deliciously unhealthy food? Even if you don’t care who wins, it’s always fun to get the gang together and to simply enjoy their company while everyone else screams at the TV.

2. Whip up some Pinterest recipes you’ve been dying to try

Football games are the perfect excuse to get busy in the kitchen and to finally attempt the Pinterest recipes you’ve been pinning aimlessly for the last three years. Nobody will even know you know nothing about football as long as you brought free food to the party.

3. Keep it calm, cool, collected and quiet

Nothing makes a sports fanatic more frenzied than a championship game. Do your fanatic friends and yourself a favor by not asking dumb questions at crucial moments to expose you as football-ignorant. Cheer when everyone cheers. Yell when everyone yells. Or at the very least, keep stuffing your face with the food you brought to distract everyone.

4. Team up with friends at the tailgate

If you’re lucky enough to tailgate outside of the actual games and you’re unsure who to root for, ask your friends who they want to win. Sport those colors with your friends to blend right in. That way you’ll be able to enjoy the atmosphere without making any enemies. And, hey, you might even learn something and become a fan.

5. Brush up on your basics before game day

If all else fails, do some googling and find out more about the teams participating. Check out the rosters. Ask your nonjudgmental friends to fill you in on who’s playing, who’s favored and who’s the team to root for. And for Pete’s sake, at least know the difference between offense and defense.

Good luck on game day to all you girly-girls out there. May the odds be ever in your football favor.


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