Not Skill…Just Style

A new trend has risen: College football uniforms.

This past season in college football has showed an increased emphasis on the aesthetic.

Think University of Oregon or Baylor University. Both very talented football schools, both have massive fan bases. Both are also front runners of fashionable football uniforms.

This brings up an intriguing thought: Why do certain schools pull so many unaffiliated or supra-regional fans? (I.e Alabama, USC, Notre Dame.)

These team, similarly to Oregon, have the same emphasis on uniforms. They’re always the same, season to season. Alabama have always been the classic crimson and white scheme. Penn State and Michigan always have huge fan bases, but keep the classic look.

Let’s bring in home. Take a look at our uniform schemes in the Mark Stoops’ era, more specifically, the chrome helmet.

We won a national award for these uniforms. We have increased popularity in our football programs because of our new uniforms.

Another thing to consider is the recruiting aspect. If the uniforms gain popularity, then we gain recruiting points.

Sports takes obvious talent. But a little flare doesn’t hurt either.



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