College Football Playoffs- Why A Large Bracket Playoff Wouldn’t Work

The college football post season has long been a conversation of debate. Many think the answer is to have a large team playoff bracket… While the idea sounds awesome for football fans, it’s just not possible logistically.

1.  What about the bowls?

Currently there are 34 bowl games. In this system, you would have to add more.  Let’s say you take a 64 team bracket, you will need 32 first round games… 16 second round… And so on. Are there enough football sites in the U.S. To support this? Maybe, but a lot will be too small.

2. How do you decide who is in and who is out?

This has long been the problem with the playoff system.  How do you decide? The goal here is to better the playoff system, not stay the same.

3.Football fans need more mine

They need more money  to book trips. Will anyone show up to the first round game of Alabama playing UAB?  Maybe. But why would they? They can pay just a little more and possibly see a national title game.  Will anyone watch it? The problem  is that bowl games have title sponsors and so on. Currently, even the smallest games get high viewership.

There are pros to this system. Football fans would love it and it would provide us with a true champion. But it would be a mess to organize.  There’s a lot of money in the bowl system. For now, it works… But there has to be a better long term answer.



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