The Best Teams Won’t Be in the Playoffs.

While most teams are preparing to find out if they will be competing in the first ever College Football Playoffs, there is a certain conference that has been battling for slots in the playoffs for months now.  Since it was first announced that there would be a Playoff, most college football fans rejoiced.  Finally, a way to crown a champion.  Unfortunately for anyone who is a fan of the SEC, a champion of all of college football will never be known.  Fans of the Southeastern Conference know that while other teams are preparing to vie for the big golden ice cream cone trophy, we are sadly going to get the shortest end of the stick, should we even be tossed one.

The problem with playing in such a competitive conference is knowing that all the teams in the SEC, especially the SEC West, are going to beat up on each other.  All season long, as soon as a team rises to the top of the national rankings, someone from the bottom of the pool comes out of nowhere and knocks them out.




You know the selection committee will pay no attention to this!!!  How many of the teams above do you think could beat Oregon?  How about TCU?  Baylor??  I truly believe that most of the teams in the SEC would put up a great fight, if not beat, the three non SEC teams that are currently predicted to be ranked high enough to make it to the Playoffs?

Now, for the solution.  Opening the Playoffs up to include more than just four teams could fix this.  I know that it is tough to make this happen because the end of the season is kinda crammed up against basketball, but there has to be some solution.  A 16 team playoff, even 8 teams, would make it much more competitive and give some of the best teams that don’t always have the best records a chance to get in on the action.

What do you think about how the SEC is going to fair in the Playoffs?  Leave your comments below.


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