College Football Playoff: Committee picked the correct final four

Six teams thought they deserved to be in the inaugural College Football Playoff: Alabama, Oregon, Florida State, Ohio State, Baylor and TCU β€” the only six teams in the top 25 with one loss or fewer.

The first four made it. The two Texas teams did not.

Despite shouts from the Midwest about an anti-Big 12 bias, the selection committee correctly excluded Baylor and TCU.

There are five “major” conferences in the nation: The Pac-12, the Big 12, the Big Ten, the ACC and the SEC. There are only four playoff spots, and on any given year, one conference could be left out in the cold.

This year, it was the Big 12. All six teams are deserving, but the body of work put forth by Alabama, Oregon and Florida State puts them a notch above Baylor and TCU.

The USA Today poll ranks Baylor fifth and TCU sixth. The Associated Press poll ranks Baylor fourth, Ohio State fifth and TCU sixth. The previous BCS system that determined the National Championship ranked Baylor fifth and TCU sixth.

The evidence is, unfortunately for Texans, against Baylor and TCU.


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