Preparation for Finals

‘Tis the season to study for finals… fa la la la la. It becomes a stressful atmosphere in the library or just walking around campus, for all students worrying about how they will even begin to prepare for their tests/papers/presentations. These tips could help to lower the stress level for finals and get excited to ace those tests!!

10. Get some sleep- make sure to at least take some naps or try to get a full night sleep before your test.

9. Re-write your notes- By re-writing your notes from the semester it could help rev up your memory with what has been learned.

8. Make a study group- Talking it out with people from your class could help you ask questions about things that could be confusing.

7. Drink some coffee- If you can’t afford another nap, use your Flex dollars to go down to Starbucks to get a venti gingerbread latte extra foam, extra shot of espresso and extra sugar.  #basic

6. Get to the library early- The seats at the library will be filling up more and more as the days get closer to finals, so make sure to get there early in order to get a spot to study.

5. Take a break- You deserve a couple of hours for a break with maybe some binge Netflix watching or shopping for a new New Year’s Eve outfit.

4. Create a to-do list- To stay organized it might be useful to make a list of what to study first and what to do in helping you study (make notecards, highlight notes, etc.)

3. Arrive on time to the final- Getting to the test 20 minutes early or more might be useful in order to just get a little more study time.

2. Relax- You have gotten this far and you have been studying in order to do the best you can!

1. Take the test- Might be the most important of all, taking the actual test! Breathe, get your pencil sharpened and write your name on that test and go for it!


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