Why 2015 Is UK Football’s Year

Kentucky has many reasons to be excited about football next season. Though the Wildcats are coming off a season in which they failed to make a bowl game by one win…the Cats made some strides this year doubling their win total from last year.


Imagine a world in which your favorite team is playing 8 home games in a season. It’s a great world isn’t it? Kentucky fans will get just that next year . Check out the schedule:

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 9.25.52 AM

The Cats have three ‘expected wins’ next season. With 5 SEC home games, the Cats have a great chance at making a bowl.


Not only is the schedule ripe for a good season, the team will be a year older in its average age. This season the Cats were the 3rd youngest team in the SEC.

The New CWS:

Commonwealth Stadium opens up next year new and improved. The stadium will be the ‘newest’ in the SEC. A newly remodeled stadium could prove to make Commonwealth Stadium even more electric during games.


There are at least three reasons that next year could be a special year for the Wildcats. Add in a new play caller at the Offensive Coordinator position and some new recruits… and next year could be the Cats best season in a while.



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