How to Survive Graduation


With December graduation a week away, finals and last minute errands may seem to take over. However, this last week of school is meant for so much more. Read the tips below and make your last week at UK the best one yet:

1. Go ahead and have one last ho-burger at Tolly Ho. This is the last opportunity to change your order name and embarrass your friends. Whether it is three in the morning or an afternoon lunch, go pig out on the delicious greasy food.

2. Return any and all textbooks. Although we do not get near as much money as we hope, a little cash can go a long way. Take the money and watch the new Hunger Games. Spend your money like your time…wisely.

3. Do not take your ancient house for granted. Yes, the floors are disgusting and the dishwasher breaks every week. However, this is the last time you are going to live in a trashy college house with your best friends. Enjoy the creaky wood floors and cherish your last days here.
4. Spend time with the people you are leaving. We have papers and finals but we do not have them alone. If you have to type a ten page paper, why not do it with the ones who make you laugh? There is no reason to be miserable alone.

5. Finish strong and don’t look back. After that last final, do not think about it ever again. What is done is done and you cannot go back. There are no regrets, only a positive future waiting ahead.


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