UK’s 24-hour Crisis Simulation on Burma

SIM1Two weekends ago, the School of Journalism and communication and the Paterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce met to discuss the attempted assassination of Burman opposition politician Aung San Suu Kyi.

Journalists also met with the Paterson International leaders to gather information about China’s involvement with nuclear weapons in Burma, and then reported directly onto blogs.

Students and faculty stood watch to see what would happen next in this strange international crisis. However, this reporting was different than others, solely because this was a on-campus simulation.

Students from several areas of the university come together for a twenty-four hour simulation for a faculty-chosen country, then invent a crisis that is happening for the students to report, discuss and hopefully solve. International students research and talk about what can be solved within the government and journalism students quickly type up the scenarios that play out.

“Before going to this simulation, I didn’t know much about Burma and the culture and the history, so after I went there, it was really interesting to get to know more about it,” senior journalism major and international student Yan Wang said.

In the past, the simulation has covered terrorist attacks, virus outbreaks and assassinations. This year marked the seventh annual Crisis Simulation for the University of Kentucky. The goal is to get students experience that they normally would not get “on a daily basis”.

Wang says that there is no doubt he would do another simulation again.

“I learned something about writing for international relations. The conflict between different countries and how to deal with it. It was very interesting.”


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