Top 10 Things UK Fans Are Thinking Now

With the Wildcats going into the sweet sixteen this Thursday, fans are beginning to have some unique thoughts. Here’s what we pulled together:

1) We’re playing West Virginia?

2) Is West Virginia even good this year?

3) I swear t0 god if West Virginia goes insane on three pointers again, i’m going to lose my MIND (See 2010 NCAA championship against WV).

4) I cried in 2010, I will not cry again.

5) 9:45PM game? Things are about to get rowdy.

6) Wait… Can I even stay up for a 9:45 game?

7) Of course I can, because I’m a Cats fan and I can do anything.

8) They’re gonna try and press us and we’re just gonna alley oop them like seventeen times. I’m not even worried.

9) But SHOULD I be worried???

10) Absolutely not because the University of Kentucky is the second most successful team in the HISTORY of college basketball, we have the tallest team with the most promising prospects for the NBA, we have a perfect record up to this point AND the BEST fan base in all of college sports.

But we may be biased.



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