Livestock on Campus

CBbrFn6UwAEp2XrPeople are having a cow over the road closings on the University of Kentucky Campus today. Cooper Drive has been closed between University Drive and Sports Center Drive due to livestock in the road.


The cow has been detained at this time and UKPD are waiting on assistance to have it removed from the area. It is still unclear how the cow ending up roaming the campus. This is the second time this week a cow has been reported loose in Lexington this week. A cow was reported on Leestown Road yesterday.

UPDATE 11:36:

The cow has escaped UK officials and is on the run again. It started running after being shot with a tranquilizer and is heading east on Cooper.

UPDATE 11:46: 

The cow has been lassoed and officials have it pinned next to a fence. The cow is fighting to break free. A truck is waiting to remove it.


UPDATE 11:50: 

The cow has been loaded on a truck and emergency conditions have passed. CBb9yIiWAAAQAql.jpg-large


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