White Sand Beaches or Real-World Experiences: A look at alternative Spring Breaks

Two University of Kentucky College of Law students participated in an uncommon alternative spring break this year. When thinking of alternative options, many opt for international volunteer opportunities, but these two students chose an option closer to home.

First year students, John Shearer of Raceland, Kentucky and Nealy Williams, of Lexington traveled to the Appalachian Mountains in Prestonsburg, Kentucky and provided pro bono legal services to citizens of the area.

Using what they have learned from their first year of classes, the pair chose to make a difference in the lives of those in need via pro bono. This type of work is a staple in the legal profession—meaning those qualified provide service to those who would otherwise not be able to afford legal advice merely for the good of the people. As a pair, the students were able to apply classroom concepts to real clients and cases.

In one particular case, the two helped individuals who were suffering from property damage and were able to attend a town hall meeting to discuss the necessary action needing to take place.

Assistant Dean of Administration and Community Engagement at the college, Daniel P. Murphy, explained that the College of Law is working to provide students with more out of classroom experiences such as this one.

For more information about the services and activities of UK College of Law students check out this webpage: http://www.law.uky.edu/index.php?pid=397


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