Things To Do Before Graduation


Many of graduates will be leaving this place that they’ve called home for a few years. With graduation only three days away, you still have time to do some of the things that have made Lexington special to you. So here is a list of some things you should do before leaving this place that has become your home.

1) Get a picture with the wildcat. Climb up on top of it with your friends and get one final picture that shows your UK pride. This will be a good memory to have of the place you love. This could also be a good picture to send out with graduation party invites.

2) Go and get one last late-night burger at Tolly Ho. This place has been a UK tradition for a long time now . So go pig out on greasy food with your friends – and if you have a friend who has never been, now’s your chance to embarrass them by telling the workers it is their first time.

3) Go for a drive and see your old dorm/apartment/house. You spent countless hours at these places and they helped shape you into who you are today.

4) While you’re on your drive visit some of your favorite places. Maybe drive to Commonwealth Stadium and the bowl to reminisce on football games and tailgates. Drive by your favorite hangouts, Keeneland, or your sorority/fraternity house. Visit Rupp Arena one last time before it’s filled with graduates. You’re going to miss these places once you’re gone.

5) Have one last lunch or dinner with all of your friends. This is the last time you’re all going to be in the same place at once.

6) Get one last UK item at Kennedy’s Bookstore. You can never have too many UK things.

7) And finally, thank everyone who has helped you get to where you are today. Your professors, family, and friends are all so proud of you. Graduating can be scary because now we’re in the real world – but this place has prepared you for this and now you can follow your dreams.

 On Saturday, Rupp Arena is going to be filled with graduates dressed in UK blue caps and gowns. Look around and take it all in. I know we all get tired of school and say we can’t wait to graduate, but it comes quicker than you know. UK gets in your blood and stays there forever. I know I will always bleed UK blue.

Congratulations 2015 graduates, you did it!


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