Parking Services plans 200 new spots — in K-Lot area


LEXINGTON, Ky. – Students at the University of Kentucky can breathe a small sigh of relief and then take in a huge breath in when it comes to parking at the University.

Parking at the University of Kentucky has been troublesome and worrying to many students who are attending and quite a few students have acquired at least one parking citation from the University of Kentucky Parking and Transportation Services.

With the new housing being constructed on campus, more students will be living on campus therefore more cars will need a space to park in. The already limited proximate parking will be even more in demand.

“We do not have plans to add any additional proximate residential parking for the upcoming year,” said Chrissie Balding Tune, marketing and promotions specialist senior for the University of Kentucky PTS.

“However, we will be increasing parking in other student areas around campus, primarily in the Commonwealth Stadium lots,” said Tune. The Commonwealth Stadium lots, or K lots, are about a 30-minute walk from the North Campus residential buildings. So, although approximately 200 spaces will be added, they will not be in an efficient area for many on-campus students.

Without a parking permit purchased from PTS there are not many spaces to park on campus without paying. This is especially difficult for those wanting to use the Johnson Center, the state-of-the-art student workout facility on South Campus. “Students and employees who do not have parking permits may use the nearby Sports Center Garage, Parking Structure Seven, and pay to park as a visitor while using the Johnson Center,” said Tune.

The parking structure costs $2 an hour, according to the PTS website, which could add up quickly if you are a frequent off campus user of the Johnson Center.

Additionally the campus buses serve the Johnson Center area.

Fortunately there may be a change in the PTS future. Currently the University of Kentucky is developing a Transportation Master Plan. “TMP is an initiative that aims to improve access and mobility to, from, and around campus for all members of the UK community,” said Tune.

TMP is ongoing and will continue throughout the summer months, according to the UKNow website. A draft plan and financial plan is to be submitted during the summer and the plan is to be finalized within the fall semester.

Additionally, the cost of parking will rise $1 a month for permitholders of the 2015-2016 school year.


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