William Wells Brown Elementary Shows Improvement


Administrators, teachers, parents and students waited restlessly after taking the 2014-2015 K-Prep test.

Fayette County schools who had so much to prove implemented programs across the state district to prepare for this years test and close a very wide achievement gap. The scores were released and improvements can be seen across the board for the district as a whole.

Fayette County scores increased from 66 to 68.1, earning the district a proficient rating.

William Wells Brown Elementary school was deemed one of the lowest performing schools at the release of last years scores.

After news from the Kentucky Department of Education, William Wells Brown put in work to step up its academic muscle and get help from community organizations who would dedicate time as academic mentors.

William Wells Brown showed major progress jumping from the 1 percentile to the 20 percentile overall score going from last years of 35.4 to this years overall score of 54.6.

The school is still considered as needs improvement as far as classification goes but notes on the schools report card says the are progressing.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bluegrass and the Alpha Beta Lambda chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. began working to assist in the uplift of William Wells Brown.

Reading Writing Rewards is a program created by the University of Kentucky and the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity’s Education Foundation. Which provides academic mentors for students assisting with reading, writing and providing incentives for students through out the program.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bluegrass has reconfigured its national organizations Schools Plus Program. The program will pair academic mentors with students for two years, beginning with 20 second-graders and expanding to 40 children.


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