LEXTRAN BUS #1 (Woodhill, St. Joe’s East, Willy T.)

Route #1 Woodhill Dr.

For students living in Southeast Lexington, Route #1 Woodhill Dr. is a good route that will take you to all the various stops a college student might need. You can take the bus all the way to the Transit Center on Vine Street near the Champions residence halls and be right downtown whether it be for a game at Rupp Arena or a night out on the town. You also have the ability to get off earlier on campus and close to Willy T Young Library and The 90. While on your way back from class, if you need groceries the route has a stop at the Locust Hill Walmart or you can take the route all the way to its end to St. Joseph’s Hospital East.

The bus very rarely is running on time and is usually late, but usually only by a few minutes. Also the bus is rarely full, so finding a seat, especially if you are carrying groceries, is very easy. The bus is free for UK students,  just make sure you have your Student ID to show as you are walking on. If by chance you have lost your ID or forget it, the fare is cheap, only costing a dollar with free transfers as long as you notify your bus driver. For a full listing of the bus schedule, days and times the bus is running as well as the numerous stops on the route can be found here.


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