Dr. Terrell Strayhorn Speaks “Race and the Criminal Justice System in America “

IMG957039 (1)

Dr. Terrel Strayhorn noted as an American scholar and an award-winning faculty member at The Ohio State University. As a native of Virginia Beach Dr. Strayhorn took his education seriously and graduated with high honors from high school . After earning a BA Degree, Strayhorn earned a Masters in Education Policy Studies closely related to the higher education focus from the University of Virginia.

In 2012 Strayhorn delivered a prevalent TedX talk about student success and the sense of belonging. Traveling from The Ohio State University to engage students at the University of Kentucky on Monday, October 26th. Dr. Strayhorn focused his message on “When Education Isn’t Enough: Race and the Criminal Justice System.”

A very humble and energetic Dr. Strayhorn greeted a diverse audience made up of members of the campus community and surrounding communities.  Expressing his concern for the current “state of emergency and his argument about the national crisis” in regards to race, education, and the criminal justice system.

Expressing great support for Black Lives Matter Dr. Strayhorn educated everyone the state of education and what that means for African American students. Discrimination was also a focus of his talks and he educated the audience on types of pervasive discrimination.

Attendees received a concentrated message on race, implicit bias, and more information about the Center for Higher Education Enterprise at The Ohio State University (CHEE) where he serves as the director.

A standing ovation warranted  to Dr. Strayhorn followed his 2 hour talk. More talks with Terrell can be viewed on Youtube.


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