Coles 735 Main adds historic charm to the Ashland neighborhood

By: Amanda Colvin — Coles 735 Main, on the corner of East Main Street and South Ashland, replaced a historic Lexington landmark with a new local favorite.

Owner and Executive Chef Cole Arimes, was raised in the Ashland neighborhood. Years later, Chef Arimes brought his culinary talents back to Lexington.

According to the Coles website, “Coles 735 Main features a menu full of local inspiration and world-class fare; every dish is hand crafted like a fine piece of art.”

In 1938, The Stirrup Cup opened in the building that Coles now occupies. The Stirrup Cup served the Ashland community for years. Prior to the Arimes family’s conversion of the restaurant, several restaurants went in and out of the seemingly unlucky location. The Arimes family took on a new approach to the location. Chef Cole Arimes and his family decided to preserve the historic landmark when developing their restaurant by using the natural architecture of the building to their advantage. The Arimes family decorated the restaurant using French Provençal style, while maintaining some of the original artwork and murals of the restaurant.

Upon entering Coles, you are immediately taken back by the charm of the restaurant. The architecture and décor make you feel like you have entered a traditional Southern historic home. The dim lighting and assortment of throw pillows throughout the restaurant make you feel right at home, yet the culinary artwork makes the restaurant have a much more upscale feel.

“One of the best parts of cooking is being able to bring a good feeling to those who are eating,” said Arimes on his website.

The coziness of the restaurant paired with Chef Arimes skill for cooking and culinary art add to the dynamic of Coles. The meals are moderately priced, making the restaurant perfect for a casual evening or special night out.

“Set in a tastefully restored historic Lexington landmark, the restaurant radiates a heart-warming and relaxing atmosphere – ideal for romantic fine dining or spirited get-togethers at the inviting indoor bar and outdoor gazebo,” according to the Coles website.

Cole’s 735 Main seems to have become a restaurant that will stand the test of time and become a historical restaurant in its own right. By keeping traditional Southern culture and adding downhome French style, the Coles is one of a kind and a fixture in the Ashland neighborhood.

A view of the dining room of Coles.
A view of the dining room of Coles.








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