Nice N Pan-Where Science Meets Ice Cream

A new restaurant on campus is bringing some homemade fun to the average café experience. Nice N Pan is a brand-new, original restaurant that opened February 16 at 547 S. Limestone, just across from the Gatton building. Owners, Derya Elitas, Edip Elitas and Nilael Deura are putting a unique spin on the everyday soup, salad, and sandwich shop.

Nice N Pan offers several different pastries, paninis, salads, sandwiches and two featured soups that change daily. The restaurant offers a wide variety of healthy, homemade meal options. “The most important thing is that everything is made in house, we just buy bread and cheese,” said owner, Bilael Deura. The owners say they keep everything fresh and get their ingredients locally as often as possible.

Café soups and sandwiches aren’t the only cuisine Nice N Pan offers. The family-owned restaurant also features homemade ice cream, but not the usual hand churned treat. The staff makes the ice cream by freezing it with the help of a little bit of science. “We freeze it with liquid nitrogen which is 320 degrees below zero. The water doesn’t crystalize so it freezes fast,” explains Bilael. The freezing process takes second and turns a liquid pile of mush into a delicious dessert.

Liquid nitrogen is used to freeze each customer’s ice cream creation.


The process of using liquid nitrogen to freeze ice cream is a fairly new method. “Fancy chefs use it. It’s more accessible now and it’s getting big,” Deura said.The owners first experienced the process in their home country of Turkey and decided to bring it to Lexington.  Nice N Pan is an original store and the owners take pride in it’s creative element.

Worker Ryan Hamann says that the restaurant is unique and customers get a chance to create their own concoction, “You pick one of the 4 bases we offer, the flavor, and then any mix-ins and we freeze it with liquid nitrogen.” Each serving is unique and completely based on what the customer wants. Hamann says students visiting Nice N Pan not only get to take advantage of delicious ice cream, but they also get a chance to eat healthy and locally.

Nice N Pan is open Monday through Saturday from 7:00a.m. to 6:00p.m. and offers free wifi for all customers. It will start accepting the UK Plus Account in the coming weeks.



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